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About our company

The Computer Bar is a five-star computer repair company. We provide one on one consulting with our customers to establish their needs in computer services. We offer free training, free hosting, and a complete platform for you to enjoy.


Our computer repair services are thourough and professional. With a minimal staff, we are able to do all our repairs either in-house or at our client's place of convience.

Web Design

We offer custom website design for our established clients. Websites can range from any category deemed appropriate and can be customized to the customer's wishes.


We offer custom software development packages for the individual who wants something special made for them. These services are very customizable and they are on a exclusive basis.

What we do

Let's dive deeper into what we offer to our clients.

High-End Quality

We put craftsmanship into every project we do so our clients leave with something unique, from our repairs to how we develop specialized projects.

Creative Layout

There is no cookie-cutter approach here. Each project we take on goes through a rigourous checklist of proprietary steps to ensure high quality for our clients.

Transparent Business Model

Our business is transparent yet unique in the sense of how we get things done. It just works.

Well-Developed Code

Our code that we use combines HTML5, CSS, and Bootstrap so that every project is beautiful and responsive.

35 Products completed
22 Years of Experience
26 Happy clients
2238 Lines of Code

Latest News

Check out what we have been up to.

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Getting Noticed

25 February 2016

We are 8 months in and we are starting to get noticed by the community for our time, dedication, and patience with our clients.

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Co-Founder Jeremy Lee - CEO

20 June 2015

Jeremy has extended knowledge about the Microsoft Windows environments, also is an Apple Technician and an Apple Professional. His expertise started back when he was 7 years of age when he took apart a computer and reassembled it. Since that time he has been expanding his knowledge over the course of 21 years. Customer service is his priority with the background of five star treatment. Hobbies consist of Building Computers, DJing and Motorsports.

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Founder Levi Perry - CEO

30 August 2015

Levi has extended knowledge and holds an A+ Certification in Computer Technology. He holds a diploma in Computer Network Management and a certificate in Computer Aided Drafting. He also has extensive experience in website design, logo design, ruby on rails, bootstrap, and CSS. His other skills include a deep work history in customer service and electronic sales.

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